Community Groups at Trinity

At Trinity, we’re here to help make and mature followers of Jesus who participate in the renewal of one another and our city. We view our Groups as a significant way to create, nurture, and equip disciples who actively seek this renewal through practicing the ways of Jesus. 

A place to connect.
A place to be renewed.
A place to practice the ways of Jesus.


What is a Community Group? 
A community group is a group of adults, led by a trained leader, who meet together weekly to practice the ways of Jesus.   

When do groups begin and end?
We are going to organize our Community Group “year” into trimesters (Fall, Winter, Spring). These trimesters will last 8-10 weeks with 2-3 weeks of rest between each trimester.

When can I join?  
You can sign-up three specific times throughout the year (Fall, Winter, Spring).  The majority of groups are closed (i.e. no one will be added) during each trimester (8-10 weeks per session).  

When and where do groups meet?  
Most Community Groups meet weekly throughout North County San Diego. Dates and times vary based on each individual group.

What is the required commitment? 
Each group meets for 8-10 weeks per trimester.  We hope that most groups stay together for the entire year. Should the need arise, however, there is a natural time to transition to a different group at the end of each trimester. 

What about children?  
We love your kids! But we also believe the best way for parents to experience deep and transformative relationships is within a Community Group experience with other adults (exceptions can be made for newborns or host families). To that end, we are asking families to consider creative ways to engender an effective and valuable Community Group experience. See below for suggestions.  

How could we structure our group if we have kids?
Here are two “family specific” Community Group models for you to consider:

  1. The Community Group comes together at the host house and hires childcare for all the kids in the group (ideally at another part of the house) or each community group member is responsible to find childcare prior to the meeting.  

  2. The Community Group alternates between everyone being present (men, women, and kids) and gender specific group gatherings. As an example: Week 1 the group meets as a whole, with kids.  They share a meal and allow the families to get to know one another. Week 2 the women meet while men stay at home. Week 3 the men meet while women stay home. Week 4 could be flexible depending on the group's preference.

  3. Note: We anticipate that individual groups will be able to work out a good system during the first trimester. We are happy to help in any way!

How do I choose a group?  
You will be connected to a group based on the preferences you express in your Community  Group Registration form. Additionally, if you’re unable to sign up for a group this fall, new groups will be forming regularly. 

Available Groups:
Young Adult (early 20s – early 30s)
Young couples with or without kids
Mid-Career / Families with older kids

How do I sign up for a group?  
You can sign up online (click here!) or during our small group enrollment weeks at Trinity.  

What if I have other questions?
If you have further questions, please email Jeff at