Our next steps.

As Trinity San Diego prepares for our launch on Easter, April 21, 2019, we're entering a season of planning that will revolve around TEAMS. Beginning this January we're shifting into what is known as the LAUNCH TEAM phase. The larger Launch Team is then broken down into smaller units called MINISTRY TEAMS

Here's how it works...


A Launch Team is often a group of 25-75 people who have bought into the vision of the church plant and are prepared to be the "hands and feet" in propelling the church toward "going live." Launch Team members meet regularly to learn, strategize, and pray. The outcome of being a part of the Launch Team is a heightened sense of ownership, a personalized embrace of the vision, and a deepened experience of community and friendship.

  • Where : Launch Team meetings will take place at Redeemer on Sundays.

  • Time : 8:30 - 9:30am in the Dome

  • Dates : Jan 6, Jan 20, Feb 10, Feb 24, March 10, March 24, April 14.

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As a Launch Team member, you're invited to also participate in a smaller Ministry Team. A Ministry Team is often a group of 5-15 people. These Ministry Teams will be working collaboratively toward one main goal: to create a warm, thoughtful, gospel-shaped Sunday worship experience for those who attend Trinity! From setting up, to tearing down, to creating a sense of belonging through service and hospitality, these Ministry Teams are a critical part of taking the vision for Trinity from concept to reality.

  • Operations "Ops" Team

  • Promotions Team

  • Integration Team

  • Hospitality Team

  • Care Team



Please take a moment to complete this SURVEY. The survey is designed to help you take a next step in joining the Launch Team.

  1. The second half of the survey is focused on the smaller Ministry Teams. Please consider selecting 1-2 options that interest you, or let us know how we can assist in matching you with a team!

  2. Consider attending our Launch Team meetings at Redeemer January 6, January 20, February 10, February 24, March 10, March 24, April 14.